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The Founding Fathers ofAmerican Jihad: The Impacts and Legacies of Anwar al-Awlaki, Samir Khan, and Ahmad Abousamra
Authored by Haroro J. Ingram and Jon Lewis
June 2021

Racially/Ethnically Motivated (RMVE) Attack Planning and United States Federal Response, 2014-2019
Authored by Bennett Clifford
May 2021

"This is War!" Examining Military Experience Among the Capitol Hill Siege Participants
Authored by Daniel Milton and Andrew Mines
April 2021

The Islamic State in Congo
Authored by Tara Candland, Adam Finck, Haroro Ingram, Laren Poole, Lorenzo Vidino, and Caleb Weiss
March 2021

"This is Our House!" A Preliminary Assessment of the Capitol Hill Siege Participants
Authored by Program on Extremism staff
March 2021

Antisemitism as an Underlying Precursor to Violent Extremism in American Far-Right and Islamist Contexts
Authored by Alexander Meleagrou-Hitchens, Bennett Clifford, and Lorenzo Vidino
October 2020

Dollars for Daesh: Analyzing the Finances of American ISIS Supporters
Authored by Lorenzo Vidino, Jon Lewis, and Andrew Mines
September 2020

White Supremacist Terror: Modernizing Our Approach to Today's Threat
Authrored by Jon Lewis, Seamus Hughes, Oren Segal, and Ryan Greer
April 2020

Kemal Helbawy: A Pioneer of the Muslim Brotherhood in the West
Authored by Lorenzo Vidino
January 2020

The Islamic State's Effort to Co-Opt Tanzim Hurras Ad-Din
Authored by Asaad Almohammad
November 2019
The Other Travelers: American Jihadists Beyond Syria and Iraq
Authored by Seamus Hughes, Emily Blackburn, and Andrew Mines
August 2019

Encrypted Extremism: Inside the English-Speaking Islamic State Ecosystem on Telegram
Authored by Bennett Clifford and Helen Powell
June 2019

Salafism in America: History, Evolution, Radicalization
Authored by Alexander Meleagrou-Hitchens
October 2018

The Travelers: American Jihadists in Syria and Iraq
Authored by Alexander Meleagrou-Hitchens, Seamus Hughes, and Bennett Clifford
February 2018

Digital Decay: Tracing Change Over Time Among English-Language Islamic State Sympathizers on Twitter
Authored by Audrey Alexander
October 2017

Fear Thy Neighbor: Radicalization and Jihadist Attacks in the West
Authored by Lorenzo Vidino, Francesco Marone, and Eva Entenmann
June 2017

Not Just The Caliphate: Non-Islamic State-Related Jihadist Terrorism in America
Authored by Sarah Gilkes
December 2016

Cruel Intentions: Female Jihadists in America
Authored by Audrey Alexander
November 2016

ISIS in America: From Retweets to Raqqa
Authored by Lorenzo Vidino and Seamus Hughes
December 2015

Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) in America
Authored by Lorenzo Vidino and Seamus Hughes
June 2015