Daniel Koehler

Daniel Koehler is the founder and director of the German Institute on Radicalization and De-radicalization Studies in Berlin, a non-profit focused on the theory and practice of de radicalization and counter-radicalization.

Koehler is a pioneer in the field of counter-terrorism, specifically in helping develop several methodological approaches to de-radicalization (e.g., family counseling) and publishing numerous writings on the topic. He is also the co-founder and editor of the first peer reviewed open access journal on de-radicalization.

Koehler studied at Princeton University and Free University Berlin before completing a postgraduate “Master of Peace and Security Studies” at the University of Hamburg. He worked as a de-radicalization and family counsellor in multiple programs for over five years, including as part of the “Hayat” initiative.

Koehler has given expert interviews for leading international news outlets like The Wall Street Journal, Christian Science Monitor, National Public Radio, Rolling Stone Magazine, Associated Press, and London Sunday Times.

Koehler’s work with the Program on Extremism at George Washington University focuses on developing policies and resources to help communities both successfully de-radicalize at-risk young people and prevent radicalization in the first place.