Dr. Asaad Almohammad

Dr. Asaad Almohammad is a Senior Research Fellow with the Program on Extremism at George Washington University. He has spent several years coordinating and working on research projects across ISIS-held territories in Syria and Iraq. Using primary sources, he has examined a number of administrative, operational, and military trends of jihadi organizations. He has published on a wide variety of topics relating to these themes, including middle management structure, media production and information security, intelligence and counterintelligence operations, improvised use of technology, child soldiering, prison system and terrorists’ use of enhanced interrogation methods, and radicalization leading to violence. He completed his doctorate in political psychology and marketing. Dr. Asaad is a former national security practitioner.


Select Publications


Seven Years of Terror: Jihadi Organizations’ Strategies and Future Directions,” The International Centre for Counter-Terrorism – The Hague, Research Paper, August 2019.

From battlefront to cyberspace: Demystifying the Islamic State’s propaganda machine,” West Point CTC, June 2019.

From Directorate of Intelligence to Directorate of Everything: The Islamic State’s Emergent Amni-Media Nexus,” Perspective on Terrorism, Volume 13, Issue 1. 2019.

From Total Islam to the Islamic State: Radicalization Leading to Violence Dynamics as a Subject of Reciprocal Affordance Opportunities,” Journal for Deradicalization,Volume 15. 2018.

 “ISIS Child Soldiers in Syria: The Structural and Predatory Recruitment, Enlistment, Pre-Training Indoctrination, Training and Deployment,” The International Centre for Counter-Terrorism – The Hague, Research Paper, February 2018.