Capitol Hill Siege

In keeping with our tradition of providing primary source documents to the research community and the public at large, The Program on Extremism has launched a project to create a central database of court records related to the events of January 6, 2021. This page will be updated as additional individuals are charged with criminal activities and new records are introduced into the criminal justice system. You can view today's numbers, check out our interactive visualizations, browse the cases, read our related reports, and download our database below. 

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Today's Numbers

The number of federal cases against individuals involved in the Capitol Hill Siege stands at 791. According to our latest analysis of the cases:

Average age: 39-years-old
Individuals came from 46 states and the District of Columbia
Cases have been brought against 684 men (87%) and 107 women (13%)
The largest numbers came from Florida (85), Texas (69), and Pennsylvania (66)
The majority (>77%) were charged in part using evidence from their personal social media accounts, others' accounts, or both
At least 100 (13%) have military experience (91 Veterans, 4 Reserve, 2 National Guard, 2 Attending Basic Training, 1 Active Duty)
281 (30%) have pleaded or were found guilty

We will continue to monitor developments and provide daily updates.