Our Mission

Founded in 2015, the Program on Extremism at George Washington University has quickly become a leading research center on all forms of extremism. The Program spearheads innovative and thoughtful academic inquiry, producing empirical work and developing pragmatic policy solutions that resonate with policymakers, civic leaders, and the general public. Its partnerships with some of the world’s most prominent universities, think tanks, media outlets and governmental agencies are a testament of the Program’s research quality, independence and innovative approach. 

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Our Team

The Program brings together a multidisciplinary team of experts from across the globe, including government officials with experience in public safety and law enforcement, scholars, former extremists, and counter-extremism practitioners providing first-hand assistance to families grappling with radicalization. This diverse team is led by Director Dr. Lorenzo Vidino, a leading expert on Islamism in Europe and North America, and a regular commentator on diverse media outlets, and Deputy Director Seamus Hughes, a recognized expert on homegrown violent extremism and the author of several legislative bills and reports.

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