Domestic Extremism
Domestic Extremism

Domestic Extremism

Over the last several years, the threat posed by white supremacists, accelerationists, the militia movement, and other extremists has surged. Today, the landscape of domestic extremism in America has metastasized. From attacks on synagogues and black churches to the siege against America's democracy on January 6th, these threats continue to expand and evolve. Our researchers have examined domestic extremist groups and movements from a number of angles. Check out featured news and publications, major projects, and a full archive of related content below.



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Capitol Hill Siege

In keeping with our tradition of providing primary source documents to the research community and the public at large, The Program on Extremism launched a project to create a central database of court records related to the events of January 6, 2021. The project database is updated daily as additional individuals are charged with criminal activities and new records are introduced into the criminal justice system. You can view today's numbers, check out our interactive visualizations, browse the cases, read our related reports, and download our database by visiting the Capitol Hill Siege page. 


Domestic Terrorism Tracker

The Program on Extremism regularly releases our Domestic Terrorism Tracker as part of our GW Extremism Tracker series. From the Boogaloo movement to Neo-fascist Skullmask groups like Atomwaffen Division, Feuerkrieg Division, and The Base, our Domestic Terorrism Tracker provides up-to-date information on legal proceedings and the demographics of these extremist movements. 


Racially and Ethnically- Motivated Attacks

In March 2021, the Office for the Director of National Intelligence released an assessment that the “most lethal domestic violent extremist threat[s]” to the United States were racially and ethnically motivated violent extremists (RMVE). Responding to RMVE-inspired terrorists will require a close, data-driven assessment of the nature and scope of the threat. To this end, The Program on Extremism analyzed 40 cases of individuals charged in United States federal courts between 2014 and 2019, who are alleged to have planned or conducted violent attacks in the United States in furtherance of RMVE causes or ideologies. By evaluating the demographic, ideological, and organizational backgrounds of the perpetrators, as well as their attack-planning methods and processes, this we evaluate the successes and failures of federal law enforcement in investigating and prosecuting RMVE attack planners.


Addressing White Supremacism

The United States has struggled to adapt to a changing domestic terrorism landscape. To meet today's demands, The Program on Extremism and the Anti-Defamation League analyzed the arrests of dozens of domestic extremists, as well as current efforts by law enforcement to disrupt and counter the growing influence of white supmreacy. We focus on the current state of enforcement actions against two domestic white supremacist networks: The Base and Atomwaffen Division. We also outline a number of administrative actions, legislative and policy changes, and other possible federal and state legal and prosecutorial powers that could allow for a more comprehensive and effective approach to countering these threats.


Countering Antisemitism

Antisemitism is pervasive throughout several categories of American extremist movements, both violent and non-violent. American extremists incorporate antisemitic tropes and narratives in every level of their worldviews, using them to help construct “us/them” dichotomies and wide-sweeping conspiracies that are essential to their movements. We assess that antisemitism is foundational to multiple violent extremist movements in the United States, and counter-extremism practitioners and scholars may consider incorporating antisemitism as a diagnostic factor for extremist radicalization.


Anarchist/Left-Wing Violent Extremism in America

Anarchist/left wing violent extremism, often referred to in United States government parlance with the catch-all term “anarchist violent extremism” (AVE), has a long-standing history in the U.S. Over the last several years, violence committed by AVEs was largely locally organized, eventdriven, and/or opportunistic. However, we found that ongoing changes in the political, social, and economic climate in the U.S., as well as changes in the makeup, strength, and doctrines of other American domestic extremist groups, have the potential to escalate the frequency and lethality of violence committed by AVEs in the immediate future.


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"January 6th Report Summarizes Extremist Threat – But Leaves Key Gaps." Authored by Jon Lewis | Just Security |​​​​ January 3, 2023.

"What's Different About DOJ's Prosecution of the Oath Keepers." Authored by Jon Lewis | Newsweek | December 19, 2022.

"The Evolution of Critical Infrastructure Targeting by Violent Extremists," Authored by Ilana Krill | Lawfare | October 20, 2022.

"The dangerous evolution of the Oath Keepers — and leader Stewart Rhodes," Authored by Jon Lewis | NBC News | July 14, 2022.

"Assessing US Domestic Extremism in Light of Capitol Riot Investigations." Authored by Seamus Hughes and Ilana Krill | ICCT | June 30, 2022.

"True Threat of the Proud Boys Revealed as Jan. 6 Committee Hearings Go Public." Authored by Matthew Kriner and Jon Lewis | Newsweek | June 9, 2022.

"Understanding Accelerationist Narratives: The Great Replacement Theory." Authored by Matthew Kriner, Meghan Conroy, Alex Newhouse and Jon Lewis | Global Network on Extremism and Technology | May 30, 2022.

"Buffalo suspect exposes dangers of accelerationist, neo-fascist lone-actor violence," Authored by Jon Lewis | NBC News | May 22, 2022.

Be Careful Attributing Anything to AWD

Authored by Jon Lewis and Alex Newhouse | Accelerationism Research Consortium| February 21, 2022

What Does the Seditious Conspiracy Indictment Mean For the Oath Keepers?

Authored by Jon Lewis and Seamus Hughes | Lawfare | January 21, 2022

Oath Keepers leader indictment just the tip of a scary iceberg

Authored by Sam Jackson, Matthew Kriner, and Jon Lewis | NBC News | January 17, 2022

The Oath Keepers and Their Role in the January 6 Insurrection

Authored by Matthew Kriner and Jon Lewis | CTC Sentinel | December 22, 2021

Understanding Accelerationist Narratives: The Boogaloo
Authored by Matt Kriner, Alex Newhouse, and Jon Lewis | GNET | November 18, 2021

For some Capitol Hill rioters, Jan. 6 was just the beginning
Authored by Madi Birkenfeld, Ilana Krill and Andrew Mines | Dallas Morning News | July 26, 2021

Pride & Prejudice: The Violent Evolution of the Proud Boys
Authored by Matthew Kriner and Jon Lewis | CTC Sentinel | July 2021

A Sea Change in Counterterrorism
Authored by Carly Gordenstein and Seamus Hughes | Lawfare | June 13, 2021

American counterterrorism cannot be an either/or proposition
Authored by Lorenzo Vidino and Seamus Hughes | The Hill | May 25, 2021

An Assessment of the U.S. Government’s Domestic Terrorism Assessment
Authored by Seamus Hughes and Rohini Kurup | Lawfare | May 24, 2021

“I will never forget this for as long as I live”: Social Learning at the Capitol Hill Siege
Authored by Danielle Carrier, Ilana Krill and Andrew Mines | GNET | May 6, 2021

Male Supremacism, Borderline Content, and Gaps in Existing Moderation Efforts
Authored by Ye Bin Won and Jon Lewis | GNET | April 6, 2021

The military doesn’t even know how bad its extremism problem is

Authored by Daniel Milton, Andrew Mines, and Angelina Maleska | The Washington Post | March 29, 2021

Selfie and Siege: Women’s Social Media Footprint and the US Capitol Hill Siege
Authored by Devorah Margolin and Chelsea Daymon | GNET | March 3, 2021

The U.S. government can do more to fight domestic terror without any new laws
Authored by Seamus Hughes and Bennett Clifford | The Washington Post | March 2, 2021

The Evolution of the Boogaloo Movement
Authored by Matthew Kriner and Jon Lewis | CTC Sentinel | February 17, 2021

"Take Nothing But Pictures, Leave Nothing But (Digital) Footprints”: Social Media Evidence From the US Capitol Siege Perpetrators
Authored by Jon Lewis and Bennett Clifford | GNET | January 25, 2021

The Capitol mob’s gleeful selfies are easy to mock. They’re also a warning sign.
Authored by Seamus Hughes and Jon Lewis | The Washington Post | January 19, 2021

3D-Printed Guns, Untraceable Firearms, and Domestic Violent Extremist Actors
Authored by Jon Lewis | GNET | January 7, 2021

Extremist Experimentation with Text-Based Instant Messaging Applications

Authored by Bennett Clifford | GNET | November 9, 2020

Why the FBI had to pretend Hamas wanted to plot with ‘boogaloo boys’
Authored by Seamus Hughes and Jon Lewis | The Washington Post | September 9, 2020

FBI’s Terror Hunters Turn to a Different Threat: Incels

Authored by Adam Rawnsley and Seamus Hughes | The Daily Beast | September 9, 2020

Balancing Online Content Moderation and the Rule of Law

Authored by Devorah Margolin, Jon Lewis, and Andrew Mines | GNET | September 4, 2020

Spring Provides Timely Reminder of Incel Violence—And Clarifies How to Respond
Authored by Jon Lewis and Jacob Ware | ICCT | August 28, 2020

Facebook’s Disruption of the Boogaloo Network
Authored by Jon Lewis | GNET | August 3, 2020

Rethinking Domestic Terrorism Law After Boogaloo Movement Attacks
Authored by Jon Lewis | Lawfare | July 27, 2020

5G and the Far Right: How Extremists Capitalise on Coronavirus Conspiracies
Authored by Alexander Meleagrou-Hitchens and Blyth Crawford | GNET | April 21, 2020

The State Department Should Designate the Russian Imperial Movement as a Foreign Terrorist Organization
Authored by Jon Lewis and Mary McCord | Lawfare | April 14, 2020

Our laws have a problem calling domestic terrorism what it is
Authored by Jon Lewis and Seamus Hughes | The Hill | February 6, 2020

The Fractured Terrorism Threat to America
Authored by Seamus Hughes and Devorah Margolin | Lawfare | November 10, 2019

How to act against domestic terrorists — and their foreign supporters
Authored by Haroro Ingram and Jon Lewis | The Hill | September 15, 2019

A Review of Transatlantic Best Practices for Countering Radicalisation in Prisons and Terrorist Recidivism
Authored by Lorenzo Vidino and Bennett Clifford | Europol | July 13, 2019

De-Platforming and the Online Extremist’s Dilemma
Authored by Bennett Clifford and Helen Christy Powell | Lawfare | June 6, 2019

Trump’s Domestic Countering Violent Extremism Policies Look a Lot Like Obama’s
Authored by Seamus Hughes and Haroro J. Ingram | Lawfare | March 10, 2019

Confronting America’s Violent Extremists: A Terrorism Prevention Strategy for the Homeland
Authored by Haroro J. Ingram | Foreign Policy Research Institute | November 26, 2018

Rethinking “Prison Radicalisation” – Lessons from the U.S. Federal Correctional System
Authored by Bennett Clifford | ICCT | November 16, 2018

Treatment of Terrorists: How Does Gender Affect Justice?
Authored by Audrey Alexander | CTC Sentinel | September 10, 2018

America's Terrorism Problem Doesn’t End with Prison—It Might Just Begin There
Authored by Lorenzo Vidino and Seamus Hughes | Lawfare | June 17, 2018

Whose Responsibility is it to Confront Terrorism Online?
Authored by Seamus Hughes | Lawfare | April 27, 2018

Marginalizing Violent Extremism Online
Authored by Audrey Alexander and William Braniff | The Atlantic | January 21, 2018

Material Support or Bust
Authored by Seamus Hughes | The Brookings Institute | August 31, 2015

Explaining the Lack of an American Domestic Counter-radicalization Strategy
Authored by Lorenzo Vidino | Understanding Deradicalization: Pathways to Enhance Transatlantic Common Perceptions and Practices, Middle East Institute | June 10, 2015


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The New DHS National Terrorism Advisory System Bulletin: A Conversation with John Cohen (February 15, 2022)

Six Months After the Countering Domestic Terrorism Strategy: A Conversation with John Cohen


Rise of the Reactionaries - Panel Discussion


Covering January 6: Reflections, Insights, and Latest News


Countering Domestic Terrorism: A Conversation with John Cohen, DHS CT Coordinator


The January 6 Capitol Hill Siege and Extremism in the Military


Priorities for the Incoming U.S. Administration in Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism Domestically and Abroad


From Online Extremism to Offline Violence: Section 230 and Content Moderation


The Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism: Balancing Online Content Moderation and the Rule of Law Confirmation


American Zealots: A Book Talk with Arie Perliger


Assessing the Threat of Incel Violence


Extremism Prevention: Experiences of Frontline Practitioners


Extremism and the Global Health Crisis


Assessing U.S. and Partner Posture to Counter Propaganda and Disinformation


A Discussion with the DOJ's Domestic Counterterrorism Coordinator


Legal Options for Online Terrorism


Domestic Terrorism and Legal Perspectives on Terrorist Content Online


Terrorism Prevention in the United States


Historical Perspectives on Comparing Terrorism "Waves"


Legal Documents

Domestic Extremism Tracker

Media Coverage

"SF Court Releases 911 Call and SFPD Bodycam Recordings of Paul Pelosi Attack" | KQED | 1/27/2023

"Paul Pelosi attack footage released — to the delight of voyeurs, extremists" | Mission Local | 1/27/2023

"Pelosi Attack Footage Unlikely To Hammer Conspiracy Theories, Experts Say" | The San Francisco Standard | 1/27/2023

"Proud Boys on trial for charges stemming from Jan. 6 Capitol riot. What we know." | USA Today | 1/9/2023

"Jan. 6 riot prosecutions: Three questions" | Christian Science Monitor| 1/6/2023

"Two Years After Capitol Attack, the Bay Area Remains Vulnerable to Right-Wing Extremism" | The San Francisco Standard | 1/6/2023

"As retired Bay area Green Beret continues fighting Jan. 6 charges, division worsens" | WFLA | 1/6/2023

"Proud Boys go to trial on sedition as Jan. 6 probe heats up" | AP News| 1/4/2023

"Whitmer kidnap plot ringleader sentenced to 16 years in prison" | Detroit News | 12/27/2022

"Rep. Zoe Lofgren crashed Proud Boy Enrique Tarrio's January 6 deposition to ask why he called her the C-word on Telegram" | Business Insider| 12/24/2022

"Domestic extremism often starts with online propaganda" | ABC Action News| 12/12/2022

"Alleged QAnon takeover plot in Germany" | CNN Situation Room| 12/8/2022

"Second Oath Keepers sedition trial presents new challenges for prosecutors" | CNN| 12/6/2022

"Trump Embraces Extremism as He Seeks to Reclaim Office" | The New York Times| 12/1/2022

"Convicted Oath Keeper Leader Preyed on Veterans Looking for Meaning After Service" || 12/1/2022

"The Oath Keepers' Leader Was Just Convicted. The Far Right Will Keep Thriving" | TIME | 11/30/2022

"How The Far Right Is Escaping Biden's Attempted Crackdown On 'Ghost Guns'" | HuffPost| 11/30/2022

"Oath Keepers leader Stewart Rhodes found guilty of seditious conspiracy in Jan. 6 attack" | USA Today | 11/29/2022

"'Why distance yourself from the truth?': Oath Keepers' words used against them in government's closing remarks" | USA Today | 11/18/2022

"Santa Rosa man pleads guilty to misdemeanor for actions during Jan. 6 riot at U.S. Capitol" | The Press Democrat | 11/18/2022

"Oath Keepers leader Stewart Rhodes defends right-wing militia group in testimony" | USA Today | 11/4/2022

"Holocaust survivor urges people to 'take sides' against antisemitism" | Spectrum NY1 | 11/4/2022

"FBI terror team search leads to arrest of Boogaloo boy amid election fears" | Detroit News | 11/1/2022

"Federal charges filed against suspect in Paul Pelosi attack" | Spectrum NY1 | 10/31/2022

"3 men convicted of providing aid to terrorists in Whitmer kidnapping plot" | Detroit News | 10/26/2022

"Right-wing militia leaders, on trial for sedition, continue to threaten democracy" | Los Angeles Times | 10/10/2022

"Hundreds of Massachusetts residents joined the extremist Oath Keepers. Today, many are distancing themselves." | Boston Globe| 10/9/2022

"NY and NJ officers found on an Oath Keepers list a year back still have their jobs" | Gothamist| 10/7/2022

"What we know about the Oath Keepers trial as opening remarks begin" | USA Today| 10/3/2022

"Historic trial for Oath Keepers leader and his top lieutenants over January 6 set to begin" | CNN| 9/27/2022

"January 6th Capitol riot: Who are the Oath Keepers and why are they on trial?" | BBC News | 9/27/2022

"Justice Department gears up for Oath Keepers’ seditious conspiracy trial" | Courthouse News Service | 9/23/2022

"Why Whitmer kidnap trial ended in convictions, but feds 'not out of the woods'" | Detroit News | 8/24/2022

"Two ringleaders convicted on Whitmer kidnapping conspiracy charges" | Detroit News | 8/23/2022

"FBI’s Mar-a-Lago search ignites the right" | Axios | 8/23/2022

"Dems press platforms to curb threats online" | CNN Situation Room | 8/20/2022

"Threats to FBI since Mar-a-Lago search" | CNN Situation Room | 8/18/2022

"Extremism expert: Anti-FBI rhetoric may trigger attacks" | News Nation | 8/15/2022

"Extremism researcher says death of gunman who tried to breach Ohio FBI office is 'a really good example' of how far-right conspiracies can get followers killed" | Business Insider | 8/14/2022

"Feds try to salvage Whitmer kidnap case as jury selection begins" | The Detroit News | 8/8/2022

"The Editorial Board: 'Take the blinders off' on the rising threat of domestic terrorism" | The Buffalo News | 8/8/2022

"On fringe social media sites, Buffalo mass shooting becomes rallying call for white supremacists" | The Buffalo News | 8/7/2022

"The Proud Boys' initiation creed Roger Stone recited has roots in white supremacy, according to experts" | Business Insider | 7/14/2022

"Jan. 6: Proud Boys, Oath Keepers" | CNN Situation Room | 7/12/2022

"Jan. 6 committee details extremist plot to overturn election" | National Journal | 7/12/2022

"The Jan. 6 committee will focus on extremist groups in its next hearing" | NPR | 7/11/2022

"Jan. 6's Tangled Web Of Extremism" | FiveThirtyEight | 7/11/2022

"5 bombshells we hope drop at Tuesday's Jan. 6 committee hearing on extremist groups and the 'mob on the Mall'" | Business Insider | 7/10/2022

"Patriot Front arrests in Idaho unmask a new generation of hate groups" | The Seattle Times | 6/19/2022

"Right-wing extremists amp up anti-LGBTQ rhetoric online" | AP News | 6/13/2022

"Patriot Front leader among those arrested near Idaho Pride" | AP News | 6/12/2022

"New Jan. 6 details may answer why so many Tampa Bay residents involved" | WFLA | 6/10/2022

"What to know about Thursday’s public hearing on the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol" | Nevada Current | 6/8/2022

"Wyoming GOP chair was on restricted grounds during Jan. 6 riot, report says" | Casper Star Tribune | 5/31/2022

"The infinite loop of online extremism" | Protocol | 5/18/2022

"“I’m Only Shitposting IRL”: The All-Too-Familiar Online Ideology Of The Alleged Buffalo Shooter" | Buzzfeed News | 5/17/2022

"Weapon used in Saturday's attack bore white supremacist symbol, names of other gunmen" | The Buffalo News | 5/17/2022

"Racist screed in Buffalo shooting partly ‘plagiarized’ from Christchurch gunman, expert says" | KFOR | 5/17/2022

"A new generation of white supremacist killer: shedding blood with internet winks, memes and livestreams" | Los Angeles Times | 5/15/2022

"How lagging prosecutions and long jail stays are fanning the flames of Jan. 6 extremism" | Business Insider | 3/30/2022

"Talking Chaos, or Plotting a Conspiracy? The Debate in the Whitmer Kidnapping Trial." | The New York Times | 3/13/2022

"Jan. 6 Inmate Talks to VOA" | Voice of America | 3/8/2022

"New charges say Proud Boys discussed plan to attack U.S. Capitol" | NBC News | 3/8/2022

"A year after Jan. 6, attack on the U.S. Capitol lives on in hundreds of court cases" | Idaho Capital Sun | 3/8/2022

"What to know as Gov. Whitmer kidnapping conspiracy case heads to trial" | Detroit News | 3/7/2022

"From law enforcement to a sitting state senator, nearly 300 New Hampshire names appear in Oath Keepers database" | NPHR | 3/3/2022

"Friendly, blue-collar neighbor or cop-attacking Capitol insurrectionist. Can this man be both?" | | 2/1/2022

Feds Are Blowing Their Chance to Seize Jan. 6 Rioters’ Guns” | Daily Beast | 1/25/2022 

Inside the Oath Keepers' Plan for an Armed Takeover of the US Capitol” | | 1/20/2022

‘Rise in violent rhetoric’: Lawmakers in both parties report spike in death threats” | Roll Call | 1/20/2022

Extremism program releases report cataloguing demographics of Jan. 6 defendants” | GW Hatchet | 1/18/2022

Sedition Indictments of Veterans Unlikely to Solve the Military's Extremism Problem” || 1/14/2022

Oath Keeper Militia Members Including 5 Veterans Indicted on Sedition Charges for Jan. 6 Riot” | | 1/13/2022

Understanding Far-Right Paramilitary Group "The Oath Keepers" Role in Jan. 6” | NBC NOW Tonight | 1/11/2022

Fears of extremist violence go 'well beyond' January 6 anniversary” | CNN | 1/9/2022

Floridians played a big role in the Capitol riot, do we have a bigger extremism problem?” | ABC Action News | 1/7/2022

Research shows Florida leads country with most arrests in Capitol Riot” | FOX 35 | 1/7/2022

To catch an insurrectionist” | Vox | 1/6/2022

Online sleuths track down US Capitol attackers” | France 24 | 1/6/2022

One year on, what do we know about the people who stormed the Capitol?” | Independent |  1/6/2022

A year later, Florida still leads nation in Capitol riot arrests” | Tampa Bay Times | 1/6/2022

Where we are with cases against the accused Capitol rioters” | WTOP News | 1/6/2022

Capitol rioters identified by 7News: Where are they now?” | ABC7/WJLA-TV | 1/6/2022

Dominic Pezzola — insurrectionist or misguided misfit? What lawyers will argue” | Rochester Democrat and Chronicle | 1/6/2022

‘Pain and Scars From That Day Run Deep': Biden, DC Mark 1 Year Since Capitol Insurrection” | NBC 4 | 1/6/2022

Capitol rioter Jenna Ryan speaks out before federal prison sentence” | USA Today | 1/5/2022

Garland vows to hold Jan. 6 perpetrators 'at any level' accountable” | NBC News | 1/5/2022

Texas had the 2nd most arrests in the Capitol Insurrection. 1 year later, that still matters” | Texas Public Radio | 1/5/2022

Remorse, Indignation From Those Sentenced in Capitol Attack” | VOA News | 1/5/2022

One Michigan county has one of the largest clusters of accused in the Jan. 6 insurrection” | Detroit News | 1/5/2022

One year and six arrests later, Bucks County is still debating its part in Jan. 6 insurrection” | WESA | 1/5/2022

Inside the FBI’s Capitol riot investigation: will the attackers be held accountable?” | Guardian | 1/4/2022

In wake of Jan. 6, US military struggles to curb extremism” | Christian Science Monitor | 1/4/2022

Inside the Feds’ Hunt for Hundreds of Capitol Riot Fugitives” | Daily Beast | 1/4/2022

January 6: Insurrection Cases to Watch in 2022” | NBC 4 | 1/4/2022

Capitol rioter compares attacks on her to treatment of ‘Jews in Germany’” | NBC News | 1/4/2022

A year after Capitol riot, cases linger against some in Central Florida. So does extremism, experts say” | Orlando Sentinel | 1/3/2022

After the US Capitol riot, a sprawling inquiry continues to grow” | AFP | 1/2/2022

Top Stories of 2021: How Pa. election misinformation helped inspire an insurrection, investigations and policies” | WITF | 12/30/2021

Pentagon Plan to Fight Extremism in the Ranks Is a Start, But Experts Say Problems Loom” | | 12/21/2021

The right side of history: Social media is clear that Capitol rioters thought they were on it” | Courthouse News Service | 11/12/2021

Capitol Rioters in Jail’s ‘Patriot Wing’ Have Their Own Rituals and a Growing Fan Base” | Vice News | 10/21/2021

Global leaders gather in Pittsburgh this week to discuss the rise in extremist hate, find solutions” | WESA | 10/17/2021

First of Utah’s Capitol riot suspects expected to plead guilty” | Fox 13 | 10/13/2021

Hacked Records Reveal Hundreds Of Oath Keepers Across New Jersey” | Gothamist | 10/13/2021

First of Utah’s Capitol riot suspects expected to plead guilty” | Fox 13 | 9/22/2021

Jailed Jan. 6 Rioters Are Getting Fan Mail From Trump Supporters” | Vice News | 9/17/2021

Washington once more on alert ahead of rally celebrating Jan. 6 rioters” | Boston Globe | 9/17/2021

DHS: Extremists used TikTok to promote Jan. 6 violence” | POLITICO | 9/16/2021

Judge: Potential ‘Danger’ Means Central Pennsylvania Man Charged In Jan. 6 Attack Must Stay In Jail Before Trial” | WESA | 9/3/2021

Whitmer kidnap case jurors to be quizzed on bombs, masks, guns and insurrection” | The Detroit News | 9/3/2021

After nearly 600 arrests, FBI's investigation of the Jan. 6 Capitol siege continues” | Spectrum News Orlando | 9/2/2021

Judge: Potential ‘danger’ means Ephrata man charged in Jan. 6 attack must stay in jail before trial” | WITF | 9/2/2021

As the investigation drags on, Jan. 6 defendants win more freedom” | Atlanta Journal-Constitution | 8/27/2021

Portland gunfight fuels alarm over growing use of weapons at rallies” | The Guardian | 8/26/2021

Why an ‘uphill battle’ awaits lawmakers investigating Jan. 6 insurrection” | PBS Newshour | 7/27/2021

Six months later, this is what we know about Georgia’s Jan. 6 defendants” | Atlanta Journal-Constitution | 7/26/2021

Ad hoc extremist groups come into focus in post-January 6 criminal charges” | CNN | 7/21/2021

What we know 6 months after the Capitol riot, and what we're still learning” | ABC7/WJLA-TV | 7/6/2021

‘Right-Wing Death Squad’: Active-Duty Marine Plotted to Bomb DNC, Murder Black People, Feds Say” | Daily Beast | 6/29/2021

Florida emerges as a cradle of the insurrection as Jan. 6 Capitol riot arrests keep piling up” | USA Today | 6/17/2021

The Geophysicist Who Stormed the Capitol” | POLITICO | 6/11/2021

Questions Linger About Jan. 6 Capitol Riot” | Voice of America | 6/4/2021

US Marine Charged in Capitol Riot Prosecution” | NBC News | 5/17/2021

FBI investigating origin of deadly Capitol riot” | NBC News | 4/13/2021

Number of US Troops Linked to Domestic Terror Plots Small but Growing” | VOA News | 4/13/2021

Whitmer kidnap probe leads feds to explosives, arsenals” | The Detroit News | 3/30/2021

There were 566 extremist movements and paramilitary, armed groups in the United States last year” | RTV Slovenia | 3/29/2021

Judge calls evidence against Oath Keepers member 'fairly strong, fairly convincing'” | FOX 35 | 3/15/2021

Feds indict Whitmer kidnapping case informant as secret rift surfaces” | The Detroit News | 3/10/2021

“New report examines January 6th insurrection” | ABC7, 3/3/2021 | Live Broadcast

It was just a matter of time': Authors of GWU report discuss thoughts on Capitol riot” | ABC7/WJLA-TV | 3/2/2021

GW report analyzes backgrounds of Jan. 6 insurrectionists, shows extremism is a growing threat” | WUSA9-CBS9 | 3/2/2021

Tampa man who took selfie in Senate chamber during Capitol riot facing several federal charges” | WFLA | 2/23/2021

What we know about the Capitol riot investigation one month later” | NBC News | 2/8/2021

What we know abou the January 6 riot” | CBC News | 1/30/2021

Global Right-Wing Extremism Networks Are Growing. The U.S. Is Just Now Catching Up.” | ProPublica | 1/22/2021

Heightened security for the Biden inauguration” | CBS News | 1/17/2021

Michigan Capitol protest remains 'calm' on Sunday” | The Detroit News | 1/17/2021

Self-Described Proud Boy in Queens Arrested for Allegedly Stockpiling Ammo and Weapons” | NY1 | 1/13/2021

The FBI Says ‘Boogaloo’ Extremists Bought 3D-Printed Machine Gun Parts” | Wired Magazine | 11/6/2020

‘Boogaloo’ extremists could seek violence post-election, experts warn” | Fox 46 | 10/26/2020

Feds find bomb components in alleged Whitmer kidnapping plot” | The Detroit News | 10/26/2020

White supremacist group talked about paramilitary training in secret vetting calls” | CNN | 10/22/2020

The problem with ignoring fighting words from extremists” | West Hartford News | 10/14/2020

What is the Boogaloo and why do they want to kidnap the governor?” | ABC7 | 10/9/2020

Some of those charged in Whitmer plot attended Michigan Capitol rallies, witnesses say” | The Detroit News | 10/9/2020

Extremism in America” | WGN9 | 10/9/2020

FBI says it thwarted militia plot to kill Michigan Gov. Whitmer” | The Washington Times | 10/8/2020

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s year: Nooses, beheadings and shouts of tyranny” | Bridge Michigan | 10/8/2020

Mysterious Wolverine Watchmen militia group 'flew under radar'” | The Detroit News | 10/8/2020

Ruby Ridge echoes in deadly Madison Heights FBI shootout” | The Detroit News | 10/7/2020

These researchers study terrorists. Sometimes, they also stumble across scoops.” | Washington Post | 6/25/2019

How a change in law could lead to more arrests of domestic terrorists” | ABC News | 3/26/2019

Arrests in domestic terror probes outpace those inspired by Islamic extremists” | Washington Post | 3/9/2019

The terrorism research center behind the Coast Guard officer scoop” | Columbia Journalism Review | 3/1/2019

Occasional Papers

The Need for a Specific Law Against Domestic Terrorism
Amy C. Collins | September 2020

Confronting Racially and Ethnically Motivated Terrorism: A Call To Designate Foreign White Identity Extremist Groups Under U.S. Federal Law
Amy C. Collins | September 2020

Unpacking the Links Between Ideas and Violent Extremism
Pete Simi | August 2020

Transnational Neo-Nazism in the USA, United Kingdom and Australia
Paul Jackson | February 2020

Strategic Operational Continuum: Retooling Prevention (PDF)
Joumana Silyan-Saba | April 2019

Conspiracy Theories in the Patriot/Militia Movement
Sam Jackson | May 2017

Countering Violent Extremism: Lessons on Early Intervention from the United Kingdom’s Channel Program
Talene Bilazarian | October 2016

Nazis vs. ISIS on Twitter: A Comparative Study of White Nationalist and ISIS Online Social Media Networks
J.M. Berger | September 2016

Without Prejudice: What Sovereign Citizens Believe
J.M. Berger | June 2016

The Domestic Terrorism Threat in the United States: A Primer
Andrew Gumbel | December 2015

Policy Papers

Persuade or Perish: Addressing Gaps in the U.S. Posture to Confront Propaganda and Disinformation Threats:
Haroro J. Ingram | February 2020

A Plan for Preventing and Countering Terrorist and Violent Extremist Exploitation of Information and Communications Technology in America
Audrey Alexander | September 2019

Leveraging CDA 230 to Counter Online Extremism
Annemarie Bridy | September 2019

Three Constitutional Thickets
Daphne Keller | September 2019

Counterterrorism is a Public Function
Alexander Guittard | September 2019

Lessons from the Information War
J.D. Maddox | September 2019

Social Media, Terrorist Content Prohibitions and the Rule of Law
Stuart Macdonald | September 2019

EU Policy: Preventing the Dissemination of Terrorist Content Online
Jordy Krasenberg | September 2019

Disinformation in Terrorist Content Online
Nina Jankowicz | September 2019

Unraveling the Impact of Social Media on Extremism
Anjana Susarla | September 2019

Fighting Hate Speech and Terrorist Propaganda on Social Media in Germany
Alexander Ritzmann | September 2019

The Internet Police
Jeff Breinholt | September 2019

Filling the Gap in Our Terrorism Statutes
Mary McCord | August 2019

Surveying the Landscape of the American Far Right
Mark Pitcavage | August 2019

Terrorism Prevention in the United States: A Policy Framework for Filling the CVE Void
Haroro J. Ingram | November 2018

Radicalization in Custody: Towards Data-Driven Terrorism Prevention in the United States Federal Correctional System
Bennett Clifford | November 2018


From Reconstruction to the Day of the Rope: The Evolution and Persistence of Assassination as a Tool of White Supremacist Terror

Authored by Joey Stabile | November 2022

Women in American Violent Extremism: An Examination of Far-Right and Salafi-Jihadist Movements

Authored by Chelsea Daymon and Devorah Margolin || June 2022

Responding to the Rise of Domestic Violent Extremism: Improving the Intelligence Community's Practices and Procedures

Authored by Mallory Bryan, Sarah Dunn, E.J. Purdy, Tara Sonnemaker | June 2022

Imitators or Innovators? Comparing Salafi-Jihadist and White Supremacist Attack Planning in the United States

Authored by Bennet Clifford and Alexander Meleagrou-Hitchens | April 2022

The Women of January 6: A Gendered Analysis of the 21st Century American Far-Right

Authored by Hilary Matfess and Devorah Margolin | April 2022

This is the Aftermath: Assessing Domestic Violent Extremism One Year After the Capitol Siege

Authored by Bennett Clifford and Jon Lewis | January 2022

Moderating Extremism: The State of Online Terrorist Content Removal Policy in the United States

Authored by Lorenzo Vidino and Seamus Hughes | June 2015


The Role of the Oath Keepers in the January 6 Attack on the United States Capitol
Written Testimony of Jon Lewis
Research Fellow, Program on Extremism

Before the Alaska House Military and Veterans' Affairs Committee
February 10, 2022

The State of Homegrown Terrorism
Written Testimony of Seamus Hughes
Deputy Director, Program on Extremism

Before the California State Assembly Select Committee on the State of Hate
November 16, 2021

Assessing the Threat from Accelerationists and Militia Extremists
Written Testimony of JJ MacNab
Fellow, Program on Extremism

Before the U.S. House of Representatives Homeland Security Committee
July 16, 2020

The Rise of Radicalization: Is the U.S. Government Failing to Counter International and Domestic Terrorism?
Written Testimony of Seamus Hughes
Deputy Director, Program on Extremism

Before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Homeland Security
July 15, 2015


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