Since its onset, the Program on Extremism has devoted substantial attention to the activities of Islamist groups, particularly in Western countries. The Program’s director, Lorenzo Vidino, has studied the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe and North America for more than 20 years, authoring two acclaimed books and regularly consulting with various governments on the subject. The Program has also produced reports on the Salafist movement in America and other Islamist movements.



      Pan-European Structure    



          Joining and Leaving       



            Salafism in America      



The New Muslim Brotherhood 




Pan-European Structure

The Muslim Brotherhood's Pan-European Structure

This study seeks to be a primer on Muslim Brotherhood-influenced networks in Europe. It aims to provide a common framework of what constitutes the Brotherhood in Europe, who belongs to it, how the network operates and what its views and goals are.

Salafism in America

Salafism in America: History, Evolution, Radicalization

This study is one of the first to focus solely on Salafism in the United States. Drawing on multiple primary sources, including interviews with leading American Salafis, it provides an overview of the history, evolution, and contours of the movement in America.


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