Islamic State-motivated Terrorist Attacks in Europe and North America


Released in June 2017, Fear Thy Neighbor: Radicalization and Jihadist Attacks in the West examines all Islamic State (IS)-motivated terrorist attacks carried out in Europe and North America since the declaration of the Caliphate by the group in June 2014. By analyzing the 51 attacks and their perpetrators, this study constitutes the first comprehensive account of attacks carried out during the past three years.

In 2020, Director of the Program on Extremism Lorenzo Vidino and fellow Francesco Marone updated their database to include new attacks since the release of the report. The "Attacks Tracker" below serves as a visual guide to understanding this database and the last six years of IS-motivated terrorist attacks in Europe and North America, and will be updated periodically. 


Coming Soon: Attacks Tracker

Attack Tracker 2014-2019


2014-2019 Snapshot

To be released in 2020.