Mosul and the Islamic State: The Road Ahead


On September 21 at 10AM EST, the Program on Extremism hosted a special event to launch the final episode of Mosul & the Islamic State featuring a line-up of keynote speakers from Iraq. The opening session focused on the opportunities and challenges associated with the pursuit of justice for victims of Daesh crimes, the experiences of Mosuli women before and after Daesh occupation, and the role of the arts in rehabilitating the city and its people. This session was chaired by Program on Extremism senior research fellow Haroro Ingram, with keynote speakers featuring:

  • Murad Ismael, Co-Founder and President, Sinjar Academy
  • Natia Navrouzov, Legal Advocacy Directory, Yazda
  • Ameen Mokdad, Mosuli musician
  • Asma Khalid, Mosuli entrepreneur
  • Ahmad Al Basheer, Iraqi comedian, journalist, and host of the Albasheer Show


A moderated discussion featuring Program on Extremism research fellow Omar Mohammed followed to formally launch both the final episode of the podcast and to release the research paper that informed the series, The Long Jihad. This four-part podcast series tells the untold stories from the Islamic State’s reign of terror over the city of Mosul, the pursuit of justice in its aftermath, and the enduring struggle of its people for a better future.