Occasional Papers & Paper Series


Occasional Papers

The Program regularly publishes analyses written by our fellows and guest contributors, tackling and dissecting issues ranging from U.S.-based extremism to international terrorism and social media dynamics.

The Need for a Specific Law Against Domestic Terrorism
Amy C. Collins
September 2020

Confronting Racially and Ethnically Motivated Terrorism: A Call To Designate Foreign White Identity Extremist Groups Under U.S. Federal Law
Amy C. Collins
September 2020

Unpacking the Links Between Ideas and Violent Extremism
Pete Simi
August 2020

Challenges Posed by Returning Foreign Fighters
Adam Hoffman and Marta Furlan
March 2020

Transnational Neo-Nazism in the USA, United Kingdom and Australia
Paul Jackson
February 2020

The Architects of Salvation: How IS Foreign Fighter Recruitment Hubs Emerged in Tunisia
Nate Rosenblatt
September 2019

Strategic Operational Continuum: Retooling Prevention (PDF)
Joumana Silyan-Saba
April 2019

Nidal Hasan- A Case Study in Lone-Actor Terrorism
Katharine Poppe
October 2018

Islamic State's Re-organization in Libya and Potential Connections with Illegal Trafficking
Arturo Varvelli
November 2017

Radicalization and the Uzbek Diaspora in the Wake of the NYC Attacks
Bennett Clifford
November 2017

The Muslim Brotherhood in Austria
Lorenzo Vidino
August 2017

Jihadism in the Spanish Language After the Barcelona Attack
Manuel Torres-Soriano
August 2017

Conspiracy Theories in the Patriot/Militia Movement
Sam Jackson
May 2017

What Causes Extremist Attitudes Among Sunni and Shia Youth? Evidence from Northern India
Kunaal Sharma
November 2016

Countering Violent Extremism: Lessons on Early Intervention from the United Kingdom’s Channel Program
Talene Bilazarian
October 2016

Nazis vs. ISIS on Twitter: A Comparative Study of White Nationalist and ISIS Online Social Media Networks
J.M. Berger
September 2016

Without Prejudice: What Sovereign Citizens Believe
J.M. Berger
June 2016

Hisba in Mosul: Systematic Oppression in the Name of Virtue
Rasha Al Aqeedi
February 2016

The Islamic State’s Diminishing Returns on Twitter: How Suspensions are Limiting the Social Networks of English-speaking ISIS Supporters
J.M. Berger and Heather Perez
February 2016

Muslim Brotherhood in the United Kingdom
Lorenzo Vidino
December 2015

The Domestic Terrorism Threat in the United States: A Primer
Andrew Gumbel
December 2015


Paper Series

The Program commissions paper series on notable topics and trends within the fields of extremism and violent extremism, and publishes expert analysis from external contributors.

Perspectives on the Future of Women, Gender, & Violent Extremism
(February 2019)

Full Series
Edited by Audrey Alexander

Introduction to the Series

Negating Stereotypes: Women, Gender, and Terrorism in Indonesia and Pakistan
Sara Mahmood

Not Just Victims: Women in Terrorism from the Western Balkans
Vesë Kelmendi

How Women Advance the Internationalization of the Far Right
Julia Ebner and Jacob Davey

The Changing Roles of Women in Violent Islamist Groups
Devorah Margolin

Key Considerations: Forward Thinking about Women, Gender, and Violent Extremism


Countering Violent Extremism Series
(October 2015)

De-radicalization and Integration The United Kingdom’s Channel Programme
Rashad Ali

Countering Violent Extremism and American Muslims
Kamran Bokhari

Countering Extremism: Learning from the United Kingdom Model
Ghaffar Hussain

The Identity-Extremism Nexus: Countering Islamist Extremism in the West
Dina al Raffie

Reintegrating Violent Extremist Offenders: Policy Questions and Lessons Learned
Tinka M. Veldhuis


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